Instrumental Conditioning Influence

CS 4-2 How might instrumental conditioning influence a consumer who purchases a new outfit for his avatar in a virtual world?

CS 4-3 Do consumers build associative networks from their avatar’s experience? If so, would the associations from their avatar experience be any different from other shopping experiences? How would these networks impact the consumer’s ability to organize and retrieve information that they have learned?

Assume treatment takes place over a 1 year period at a cost of $10,000 per month and the patient lives 5 more years long than he/she would have lived without the treatment. How much would that person have to earn each month beginning 1 month after treatment ends in order to earn an amount equivalent to the total treatment cost at an interest rate of 12%per year compounded monthly?

A simple proposal should be a two to five page overview of your research divided under the following headings:

  • Title and topic
  • Research questions you plan to investigate in the context of existing research/literature in the area
  • Significance and impact of the research
  • Methodology/research tasks required to undertake the research
  • Any particular needs, if applicable (e.g. resources, facilities, fieldwork or equipment that are necessary for your proposed research program).

A good way to start your proposal is to think about your potential audience.

  • Who is your academic audience and how might this work affect their understanding of the field?
  • Is there an audience beyond academics, such as practitioners or the general public, who might care about your work? Why should they care?
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