Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

As the world quickly transforms into one global village, people hailing from different cultures are brought together, making the intercultural communication a common phenomenon. The intercultural communication presents a major problem of misinterpretation and misunderstanding of different communicated messages. This is because different signs bear different meaning in different cultures. For example, a sign of respect and greetings in some cultures like African cultures may be disrespect in another culture. Problems, chaos, and confusion can characterize an institution or social setting that has people hailing from different cultures. In order to curb this, there needs to be a developed way in, which people can be able to understand other cultures and, therefore, enhance social integration and cohesion. Despite the fact that every person possesses the power to solve this problem, the problem is yet to be solved because the society remains adamant to change. The individuals in the society want to keep and observe their culture, thereby, by missing a chance to understand the differences that their culture has compared to other cultures.

Presentation of the Solution

In order to solve this problem the cultural exchange and transfers in the global world. should be increased. Implementing cultural exchange programs as a mandatory assignment for everyone on the university will enhance the flow of communication between people hailing from different cultures and boost understanding of different cultures around the world. Universities around the world form an important part of the society in which many students are admitted coming from different regions of a country or world. The university represents the future leaders and parents of the world (Piller 156). Values and form on interaction promoted at the university level are in turn assimilated in the social set up and, therefore, influences the way in which people react and understand one another.

Implementing the cultural exchange and transfers programs across all the universities around the world will help students to understand different……………

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