International and Global Marketing

International and Global Marketing

You are to produce a report for the Global & International Marketing team ahead of the launch of one of your organisation’s products (or product ranges) into a new foreign market (your choice). The aim of the report is to critically evaluate, and justify with relevant evidence, where the team can standardise or must adapt the product’s international marketing mix strategy.

In order to make strategic (not tactical) standardisation/adaptation proposals, you will need to conduct cultural research and critical theoretical analysis of the proposed target market’s environment focusing in particular on cultural & consumer behavioural differences.

Specific Guidance:
• Product/Company choice: You may focus on a launch into a foreign market the firm has recently entered (within the last 5 years), or choose a new foreign market not yet targeted.
• Report Structure:
– clear and concise introduction (product/country/purpose of report)
– main body (analysis of cultural research using a range of relevant cultural theory)
– recommendations of where the international marketing mix strategy can be adapted and/or standardised
– conclusion (justify why this market should/should not be considered as a suitable opportunity for market expansion)
• Report format & Presentation: use appropriate numbered subheadings throughout; page numbers; formal writing style (NOT 1st PERSON); Word-processed, double spacing; place any Appendices at the back
• Standard English – It is expected that your writing will conform to Standard English in terms of spelling, syntax and grammar

Tip to help get you started:
You need to conduct a cultural analysis of your foreign target market. Use the information gained from the web based Market Research exercise undertaken during the module to help identify differences between two international market environments.

Plagiarism – It is unethical and unacceptable to pass off someone else’s work, either published or unpublished, as your own. If you wish to refer to work other than your own, you must acknowledge it in your text.

TurnItIn – All student summative assessments submitted electronically will be subject to originality checks through the Turnitin software. Further information and guidance about Turnitin and step by step instructions on submission procedures are provided in the Student Guide to Online Submission.

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