Internship report of a help desk computer repair and technical assistance

Internship report of a help desk computer repair and technical assistance

job title help desk (computer repair and technical assistance ) see attach file

Write a summary of your experience, using your log as a guide. Also answer the following:

1) A restatement of the description of your assignment and comments about how the scope changed or did not change during the semester.

2) A discussion of your primary duties

3) A discussion of the successes you experienced and what work you feel you were well qualified to accomplish. Also, what course(s) best prepared you for the success.

4) A discussion you failures or problems or issues and what you wished you had known or understand going into the work issues.

5) A discussion of the company or organization and your view of the management organization.

6) A brief discussion of what you would do different, if anything, going into a future Co-Op, Internship or work situation


I was given the responsibility of all the computer labs. I had to detect all the issues in the computers and to repair these. First, I had to inform the advisor about the problem and then had to give a solution for it. If the problem could be solved by me, I used to solve it by myself otherwise, I used to plug out the particular part of the defected computer and send it to the workshop with the confidence of the advisor. Since, a large number of computers were there, the advisor changed the scope of my duty and made me the in charge of one particular lab which was the largest one.

Primary duties:-

My duties were to come in the morning and after turning on all the computers, I used to check them whether these were working or not. Although I was not told to do so, but I used to keep a record of everything in my file. It was my duty to analyze the problem, detect the issue and suggest a solution for it. If the problem used to be minor, I used to fix it myself otherwise, the defected part was sent to workshop and the defected part was replaced by a new one so that there was no hurdle in the work. In case the lab time was over, I used to turn off all the computers myself and at the time of break, I used to turn off all the monitors.


In the first week, I installed the operating system in one of the computers and it fixed the problem. It was a success for me. Then, I installed some drivers and repaired some hardware which was also a success. I was appreciated by the advisor several times.

I was well-qualified with the work related to hardware. The problems about hardware were solved by me in a very short time. It is because it was my field of expertise. The problems related to software were comparatively harder for me.

The courses which were helpful for my success were Introduction to Information and Communication Technology along with Computer Architecture. These courses were hardware related, so I found no trouble in solving such kind of problems.

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