Interpersonal Communications

Final Term Paper

For this final assignment, you should write an essay of at least 2,000 words, focusing on the films you have viewed in the second half of the course on the Northern Ireland “Troubles.” In your essay, try to address the limits (both thematic and formal) of representation of a political situation in narrative films.

With specific reference to the readings of Jennie Carlsten and Tom Hemmeter, discuss the extent to which gender roles (both male and female) dictate the narratives of Some Mother’s Son and The Boxer.

Please cite everything in MLA formation, in text citations are needed. Please feel free to use as many academic sources as you need, do NOT cite wikipedia.

Business Ethics assignment 1 – case study

Report format (including executive summary, table of content)
report should answer the 3 questions given.

proper essay format – introduction – ethical dilemmas – 4 dimensions and applications – recommendations. (answering the 3 questions– see attached doc)

referencing: must include at least 10 peer previewed journals

questions can be found in the document attached.
extra informations:
Q1. introduction: include brief information of ethical bank, how they operate, decision making process, challenges faced in terms of decision making

academic research what constitute ethical dilemma – present ethical dilemma based on case study

Q2. identify 4 ethical perspectives (utilitarian, libertarian, deontological, virtue ethics) explain theory with research and apply to case study. (heading, subheading)

Q3. choose one/ two perspective approach that will help to make best decision.

Appendix: include concept map. (sample can be found in the ppt attached, last slide)

word count: 2000-2500

Interpersonal Communications

Guidelines for paper

1.Read the letter
2.In the letter, try to identify what the “speech acts” are that manifest the problem… you can probably easily pick out what the problem is, but you’ll need to be able to describe (without evaluation) the actions that may be causing or symptomatic of the problem. Figure out what communication scholars call that behavior or process (e.g., “self-dislcosure”, “secret keeping”, “secret revelation”, “non-accommodation”, “uncertainty reduction”, etc.)
3.Learn about what scholars know about that concept. Which theories are attached to this concept? What are the predictions scholars have made regarding this concept?
4.Based on what you know (not on your own gut instinct or personal morales) create an “evidence-based” solution. That is, your solution should clearly draw on and be substantiated by theory.
5.Once you have all these pieces, think about how you could organize these ideas so that the recipient of your letter could understand the reasoning and the proposed solution. In a sense, you’re kind of teaching the recipient what you know about communication and then, based on this knowledge you’ve now explained, propose a solution. [Pretend you’re talking to a sibling or friend that doesn’t take comm courses]
6.Make sure you have these elements in your paper to have proper APA format… 1.Running header (different on first page than rest of pages)
2.Page numbers
3.Title page with info centered and in the top third of the page
4. 4.References (NOT WORKS CITED!) page with all citations double spaced and using “hanging indents”

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