Interval and Ratio Statistics and the Concept of Significance

Operations Management

The essay task is to outline and evaluate the operations management activities of an organization of my choice. I would like you to write about the well-known company, Nike.

This paper is required to profile an organization of my choice(Nike) and explain how the concepts of operations management apply to them.
Some requirements are:
1.Introduce the organization and discuss what you see as the key operations management issues
2.Examine and evaluate how the organization manages their resources.
3.Consider what ‘quality’ means to the organisation and how it is managed.
4.Make recommendations for improving operations performance.

It would be great if the paper show some of the topics that I have been taught on operations management, those topics are:
Operations Strategy
Social, Environmental & Economic Performance
Design of Products & Services
Quality Management & Improving Operations
Supply Chain Management

Interval and Ratio Statistics and the Concept of Significance

Use the “Regression” function in Excel to estimate the linear relation between the number of visits and the age of the patient. Suppose that we are interested in the relationship between the age of the individuals who are members of our managed-care organization and the use of physician care, as measured by visits. Suppose also that after selecting 15 members at random we obtained the following paired observations: Visits: 3 5 4 2 1 3 6 7 4 5 10 1 2 3 8
Age 28 45 50 19 16 27 54 63 32 42 68 19 23 30 61
Use these data to find the covariance between age and the number of visits. Examine the results of the analysis and write 1 pages summary report in answering the under listed question and follow the rubric in attending to the question and also note that it will go thru the school turnitin for similarity and if it is more than 10% will not be accepted.
1. Interpreting the coefficient of determination
2. Interpreting the square root of the coefficient of determination
3. Interpreting findings presented in the ANOVA table
4. Determining whether the intercept and slope of the sample regression line are significant
In your evaluation, let 0.05. Follow the rubric in answering this assignment
Use Excel to complete (Regression Analysis)

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