Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Assignment Requirements

Review articles that describe intrusion detection systems. (This does not include Wikipedia or vendor’s literature.)
1.Write an introduction that describes an intrusion detection systems (IDS) for someone that is not a security professional.
2.Describe and contrast two IDS. Make sure you include advantages, disadvantages, life-cycle cost (which includes updates).
3.Write a conclusion that contains your recommendation of which IDS to use for a small business.

sample paper Section on Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)



Intrusion detection can be defined as the process of detecting unwanted traffic on a device or a network (Pietro & Mancini, 2008, P111). It involves monitoring of events that occur in a network or computer system and conducting an analysis of possible actions that may violate or threaten computer systems with its related security policies and practices. An IDS can be a certain kind of installed software or a physical device that can be used to monitor network traffic and be able to detect any unwanted events or activity which include malicious events and other traffics that violate security and use policies (Pietro & Mancini,2008,P112). Most IDS can also be able to keep a record of events which can later be retrieved and reviewed with other data for the purpose of decision making.

Network Based IDS

A Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is a common type of IDS that is used to analyze network traffic at all Open System Interconnection model layers and making decisions about the purpose of traffic, doing an analysis for suspicious event. One advantage of this type of IDS is that it is easy to deploy (Pietro & Mancini, 2008, P113). Another advantage is that NIDS can be very secure against possible attack including being invisible to many attackers. On the other hand, NIDS may not be able to possess packets in a big or busy network and thus fail to recognize an attack launched during the traffic period. Another drawback is that NIDS cannot be able to analyze encrypted information (Scarfone, & Mell, 2007, P92).

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