IoT Project

IoT Project

In the last few years Internet of Things technology has made a number of advances in home automation and connected living. While each of these technologies have made major strides in this arena, most of this progress has come in the form of disjointed product lines and competing standards. Even worse, there have been few solutions that focused on holistically meeting the needs of a particular niche. One niche that a holistic IoT solution could truly disrupt is Independent Senior Living. Although there have been some individual products marketed to this niche, to date there is no comprehensive solution. Thus, we propose a new product that aims to bridge multiple existing IoT technologies to create a connected smart home environment to foster independent living for elderly citizens. This system will include the following:

–       Smart sensors that detect movement and can automatically detect falls.

–       Smart band containing an FDA approved EKG monitor that can share data wirelessly

–      Connected hydraulic system for doors and windows that will allow the senior to use either voice control to open doors/windows or allow them to be automatically open/closed based on data from the movement sensors

–       Connected cameras to monitor their property.

–     Connected lights and switches that allow the senior to operate nearly of all of their electrical controls from their smartphone

–       Connected thermostat will allow a senior to wireless change the indoor climate.

–       Smart C02 and Fire sensors.

–       Smart blood pressure monitor that can send data wirelessly.

–       Smart oxygen monitor that can send data wirelessly.

–       Smart blood sugar monitor data wirelessly.

–       Z wave connected hub to control all home automation devices.

–    App that receives information from sensors and allows the senior to control all of the devices


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