Issue Proposal Instructions

Issue Proposal Instructions

The Issue Proposal will help you organize and develop your thoughts for the final research paper. As you consider possible issues for your research, you should do some background reading to make sure that 1) you are truly interested in the issue, 2) your issue is current enough to allow you to find sources published within the last twenty-four months, and 3) you can find enough sources to support sustained research on the topic. An example of an Issue Proposal can be found on pgs. P55-56 in your FYW textbook.

As you draft your Issue Proposal, keep in mind that you will work with this issue for the entire course, so choose your topic carefully.  Make sure you choose an issue that will sustain your interest until the end of the term. The choice is entirely up to you, but you should make sure that the issue is arguable (there is disagreement about the issue), significant (it’s important, there is something at stake in the issue), and timely (it’s important now).  There are many issues that are arguable and significant (abortion, death penalty, gun control, etc.), but this is not necessarily the opportune time to debate them if they are not in the news today or there is no legislation currently being considered that might affect the issue. So the question is, why argue this issue at this time?

After you have decided on an issue, write a complete paragraph (4 paragraphs total) in response to each of the following prompts:

  1. Introduce the issue by explaining the “exigence” or problem surrounding the issue and then present it in question form.
  2. Explain why this issue is compelling to you.
  3. Describe what you already know about this issue.
  4. Explain what more you need to learn about this issue.

Remember that there is a sample Issue Proposal on pgs P55-56 in your FYW textbook. Reading the example will give you an idea of how an issue proposal is constructed. Before submitting your proposal, remember to proofread your assignment carefully for grammar and spelling errors. Also, your proposal should be at least 2 pages long (but no longer than 4 pages), double spaced, and in Times New Roman 12pt. font. Finally, make sure to submit your assignment by the date specified on your course calendar.

*Please note that if you make less than a 70% on the Issue Proposal, you must submit a revised proposal by the end of Week 3. This mandatory rewrite is to ensure that you have a workable issue as you move forward with your research. Your final grade for the proposal will be an average of the two scores. If you must submit a rewrite, your final grade for the proposal will be an average of the two scores. If you are required to submit a rewrite and fail to do so by the designated due date, you will NOT receive credit for your original Issue Proposal.

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