Jason Problems from the Feminist Therapist perspective

Jason is a 38-year-old Jewish Caucasian male. He grew up on the east coast, and his entire family still lives there. He owns a successful law practice and specializes in commercial real estate property law. Jason came to counseling reporting that he has been “feeling severely depressed.” In the first session, he shared feelings of loneliness, despair, and isolation, and he frequently cried. During the session, he shared that he works 60–80 hours a week, as work keeps him sane.

Jason responded to questions about his social support system by saying he feels “respected in the Jewish community” and finds the weekly religious services to be “comforting and consoling.” After further inquiry about his close relationships and the possibility of intimacy in his life, Jason replied he had been in several romantic relationships before, however now he’s not in “any kind of committed relationship.”

In the second session, Jason presented as pale, sweaty, and repeatedly bounced his leg. He started the session by speaking quickly and sharing that he has been romantically involved for a year with Kevin, a 36-year-old Mormon male. Jason reported that they have gone to great lengths to keep the relationship a secret, as its disclosure would have a “devastating” effect on his and Kevin’s professional, religious, and social statuses. Jason fears he would be rejected by his community, his peers, and his clients if his relationship was discovered. He indicated that his Rabbi “should never hear about it.”

Jason stated that he found out yesterday that Kevin “betrayed him.” He stated that Kevin has been spending time on the Internet, accessing porn sites, and participating in sexually explicit chats. Jason also reported that there has been a lack of affection between the two of them over the past few months, which “drove” Jason to his depression. According to Jason, Kevin’s “online affairs” have driven them apart.

Jason shared that his relationship with Kevin gave his life meaning and purpose. Jason stated that he doesn’t want to “lose Kevin, but I don’t know how or even ifwe can work through all our secrets.” Jason reported having nightmares about finding Kevin in bed with another man and being forced to wear a pink triangle on his sleeve while his family, friends, and colleagues point and yell slurs at him. Jason reported that his work is suffering and that he wants to cry “all the time.” Jason asks his counselor to help “take away the pain.”

Answer the following points as if you were a feminist or transpersonal counselor. Use your Learning Resources and the notes you took on language and technique from the feminist therapy video to support your conceptualization and integrate examples from the case to support your post. Include the following:

  • Presenting Problem
  • Treatment Goals
  • Identification and explanation of at least two techniques and interventions
  • Expected Outcome
  • Be sure to support your main post with specific references to the Learning Resources using proper APA format and citations. Your response posts may be more conversational and less formal.
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