John Locke — Second Treatise of Government Chaps. I-VII

John Locke — Second Treatise of Government Chaps. I-VII

This assignment will consist of two or three parts but they will be separated as different orders.

I will choose you as the writer for each assignment.

The first part which is this order will be a proposal for a paper about John Locke — Second Treatise of Government Chaps. I-VII.

The proposal should include:
1) a thesis statement that tells what you intend to prove
2) a short statement that tells how you came up with the topic and why you want to write about it
3) about three to five bullet points telling how you intend to prove your thesis
4) a brief annotated bibliography of some of the sources you will use in preparing the paper. This last MUST be a mixture of on-line sources (to a maximum of three) and print sources (at least two).
Make sure that the thesis, your argument, be concise and on a high level of discourse.
One example you can write about is economic and social justice in Locke’s Second Treatise and there are, of course, many other possibilities.
The second part will be the paper itself and the third part will be a self-reflective essay about the relationship you made to the readings which will be specified later.
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: intellectual heritage

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