Justice in Society and the role of Charity

Justice in Society and the role of Charity

#1.The Philosophical theme is: Justice in Society and the role of Charity
#2 Identify and use a news story off the internet that relates to Justice in Society and the role of Charity.(Include URL in the work cited section and include in text citations)
#3 Use this this books the main source. Fagothey, Austin, Rev., S.J., Right and Reason: Ethics in Theory and Practice Based on the teachings of Arisotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. Second Edition. St. Louis: C.V. Mosby Company, 1959. TAN Publishers, Rockford Illinois (reprint), 2000. ISBN: 0895556685
Read chapter 15 RIGHTS and DUTIES
Chapter21 CHARITY
#4 Integrate the themes in these chapters (identify the main points) with the online news article and how they relate to one another ( may be a recent news article or from past few years)
#5 Have and Intro , body and conclusion
#6 Use 12 point font double space 1 inch margins.
#7 Have a work cited page separate from the 4 pages of writing and needs to be MLA style
#8 Do not go over 6 pages.

Exploring Educational Achievements of Somali Children Aged 7 To 8 with English as Additional Language (EAL)

please read the ethics form and the other documents in order to complete this work:
*this research is based on somali is children and will be undertaken in somali tuition center with they get after school support
*please don’t forget to include the EYFS AND SENS

The research questions (RQ) are abroad

1)what strategies can be used by teachers to support Somali children with English as additional language
2) what are the benefits and challenges could Somali parents bring in supporting their children
3) what are the holistic benefits of being bilingual

the research question has to be broken into smaller part by making interview question out of it in order to ask the participants
Number of participants is ONLY 9 people
please don’t forget this i based on real life so it has to look realistic take it as its your piece research therefore the teacher would like to see an proof of the following part by tommorow please ***: and also with out doing this part the research can not be done:

***1)interview questions

5question of semi-structed interview question for the 3 teachers
5 questions of focus group with 3 somali parents
observation schedule and open conversation ( asking them about the advendage of having other language) do they speak with their family at home specially the parents , grandparents or family find it difficult to speak English) with 3 children

after that you have to act like you have undertaken the planed interview after signing off the consent letter (please check I have already send it to you ) in order to get the data collection of the participants ***

to collect the data from the participants recording is used when taking interviews from the teachers and parents and also when using the open conversation on children therefore a transcription of the participants is needed and the observation schedule with transcription.

and this the information i have send in oder to complete this research project:

1) ethics-form which talks about how i am doing the research project
2) the consent letter for the children and parents and the principle
3) the dissertation guideline which tells how the expectation of the work the structure of the work and how to reference it exactly and how many words each section of the work (it explains everything so is very impotent to read it)
4) 3 power points that explains the data collection the analysis and again the expectation of the work
5) a voice memo of the last lecture which exactly explains how the overall dissertation should look like

all the above information is very important and with out rereading it the work can not be done

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