The King’s Curse Book Review (King Henry VIII)

“The story of the novel is narrated by Margaret Plantagenet who witnessed the tyrannical acts of her cousin King Henry VIII whose main objective was to make his kingdom incontrovertible (Klingener 3). The book The King’s Curse is crafted by a historian and gifted author Philippa Gregory who aims at echoing the sentiments of the dead during the bloody fight involving the Lancaster and the house of York. The plot of the story covers a time length of 40 years and describes the vicious and spectacular ascend of the Tudors. Margaret narrates her horrible fate under the rule of Henry VIII. The author uses satirical language in expressing the events of the novel. The novel narrates the events after Henry Tudor overpowered Richard III in Bosworth Battle and proceeded to marry the princess of York to end the rivalry. This did not end the rivalry however (Gregory 73).

The narrator who takes a central part in the actions of the novel is a royal maiden and cousin to the royal family is of the York’s side. Although she holds that her kin are the true heir of the throne and despise the Tudors, she stoops low and serves the ruling royal family. Further, Margaret and her husband are appointed to manage the property of Arthur the Prince of Wales who later marries Katherine from Aragon. Margaret is loyal to Katherine who is later inherited by the King Henry after the death of her husband. Margaret expresses her dismay after Katherine losses her infant children. The book’s most captivating strength is the explanation of Henry’s change from a young handsome and admirable young prince to a brutal tyrant leader. This turn of events is horrifying to the leaders and more so to Margaret who has known the king since his birth (Gregory 168)…”

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