Leadership Profile Assignment

Leadership Profile Assignment

Leadership Profile Assignment

This paper is a reflective practice experience that requires you to describe selected communication experiences, analyze them through the lens of your newly developed leadership profile, and describe implications for future experiences. You will need to draw on knowledge of advanced communication skills as well as past experiences and knowledge in certain communication situations. Scholarly inquiry into the specified communication types will be needed from at least one(1) peer reviewed journal per situation.The following headings should be used for your paper and represent what is included in a completed paper.

  1. Introduction
  2. Leadership Profile
    1. Identify Leadership Style (per questionnaire)
      1. The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid: Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire


  1. Identify Personality Profile (per questionnaire)
    1. Personality Typology Explained


  1. Create the synthesized Personal Leadership Profile
  • Reflective Practice # 1: Negotiation
    1. Experience
    2. Reflection
    3. Implications
  1. Reflective Practice # 2: Conflict
  2. Experience
  3. Reflection
  4. Implications
  5. Reflective Practice # 3: Student Selection
  6. Experience
  7. Reflection
  8. Implications
  9. Summary


  1. Provide an introduction that describes to the reader the purpose of the paper and what will be included. Refer to general components described under “Directions and Assignment Criteria”.
  2. Create a Personal Leadership Profile using the information you’ve obtained from completing your Leadership Style questionnaire and Personality Profile Inventory,The profile should include inherent/dominant preference at each stage of the communication cycle; correlation of leadership style to personality profile with inconsistencies identified; potential conflicts in communication (within self and others) during advanced communication situations
  • Reflective Practice: Use the reflective practice guidelines (found in Course Resources) to address the required three experiences. These guidelines must be used as grading for this portion of the paper will follow them. The following are the general scenarios for the “experiences” you are to relate for reflection and implications. Notice that the first two are required for all students. The third is your choice among three options.
    1. Experiences
      1. Reflective Practice # 1: Negotiation

Describe an experience in which had to negotiate for an important issue that did not end up in your favor.

  1. Reflective Practice # 2: Conflict

Describe an experience in which you were engaged in a conflict situation which was not resolved or ended in a lose-lose resolution

  • Reflective Practice # 3: Choose among one of the three topics: Persuasive conversation; Leading a team; or interdepartmental collaboration
    1. Describe an experience in which you were unable to persuade a colleague to “buy in” to a project, a change is procedure, etc.
    2. Describe an experience in which you were asked to lead a team project and you were unable to get the team to the work together
    3. Describe an experience in which you had to collaborate with an interdepartmental team on a decision related to reducing costs within the healthcare system and consensus could not be reached
  1. Reflections

To guide your reflection on the each of the three experiences include the following:

  1. What went well in the exchange?
  2. Based on your study of personality profiles, what might you guess was the profile of your receiver(s)?
  3. What was the potential impact of those styles on the success or failure of communication?
  4. Where did the communication exchange break down?
    1. Address each component of the communication cycle(send, receive, process information, and through the lens of your leadership profile) for you and the other party. Based on these observations:
      1. Were there any strategies you might could have used to improve any part of the cycle?
      2. Were there any profile characteristics of the other person might have alerted you to use another tact?
    2. Implications

To guide your thoughts in describing future implications derived from your reflections include the following. If you have other thoughts, feel free to include these as well.

  1. Through awareness of your own profile and the way you best communicate and what you’ve learned through the reflection:
    1. What strategies can you use to ensure you send the message in a way to be best received and understood by the receiver?
    2. How will you know the message has been received in the intended way?
  2. How can you use your self-awareness of your own personal leadership profile to anticipate how communication is received by others?
  1. Summary: Provide a summary of what has been addressed in the paper, at least two (2) major points of self-discovery for continuous improvement in advanced communication skills, and the how your Personal Leadership Profile will inform your leadership practice role.
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