Learning Activity 6.4 Lean Project: Final Paper

Learning Activity 6.4 Lean Project: Final Paper

Learning Activity 6.4: Lean Project: Final Paper
Introduction and Purpose of Assignment
Now is the time to finalize your lean project! You have worked to build, manage and complete a project at home, work, or your church. The inclusion of others has helped to bring this project to fruition for the benefit of others. This paper will provide the opportunity to explain the steps, actions, and accomplishments realized as a result of using this outstanding tool.


• Apply lean concepts to a project. (6.4)

Theory and Context
The lean tool that you’ve decided to use should be shown to be a powerful, effective tool whose use can be employed in any number of projects, and in a myriad of situations. Its scope of use is easily applied and fosters exceptional controls, efficiencies, the elimination of waste and the means by which to sustain improvements over time.

1. Ensure that your paper includes all following elements, and meets the criteria for content and analysis provided in the outline below and in the project rubric.
a. Describe the current condition or status. Also in this section describe the problems associated with the current situation.
b. Describe the desired lean improvement to be made. Use lean terminology.
c. Discuss the desired outcome of this change. What are the benefits? Use supporting expert opinion to validate your expectations of the project.
d. Describe how this would be successfully implemented. The best plans fail due to poor implementation. Prior assignments in this course should aid your development of this section of the paper.
e. Describe how this lean improvement will be maintained. Without a system in place to monitor and maintain, old habits creep back in. What will be done to prevent this from happening?
2. Meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric.
3. Provide at least four academic resources.
4. Submit the paper to your facilitator as an attachment in the dropbox titled Wk6 Lean Project: Final Paper

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