Literature; Reviewing the Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Reviewing the Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

The play was first produced in 1949. Write an essay evaluating the play in terms of how it is relevant families today

Support your Judgement with Experiences taken away from the lives of yourself, your friends and give examples from the play

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Relevance of the play Death of a Salesman in today’s world

The play Death of a Salesman despite being created ten decades ago appears as one of the most insightful literary pieces that show the essence of family to the life of an individual. There are many attributes that one can borrow from the play and apply in their life. Personally, I believe, the play offers a lot of insight to how the society should be responsive to the needs of its people. I also believe the play is one of the best models that one can use to recreate themselves to essential values of life such as appreciation.

The first aspect that I note in the play is the challenge of association between the different characters. While a challenge to association may arise due to the views that an individual has or the position they are expected to take, it is worth noting there are times when one has to decide on their own how they expect their life to be. In the play, the decisions that Willy makes and the poor mode of association with the people that are in his circle leads him to lose touch with his social component. The play notes constant fights that emanate from Willy’s family and other characters that are friends to the family. In the play, Linda shows the essence of association and asks her children, Don’t you care whether he lives or dies? (Miller 91). From the play, I can say I have learnt that although I may be inclined to make decisions that will favor me; I also have to make decisions that at least factor into the life of other people around me. I also believe the play advises individuals on the need to be keen with the mode of association they choose.

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