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or successful submission, please follow the advice below. Your submission document must: ·Not be bigger than 20MB (any image files must be compressed). ·Be either a Microsoft Word file (.doc, .docx), or Microsoft PowerPoint file (.ppt, .pptx). ·Not be a zip file. ·Include only text on the first page. There must not be borders, pictures or picture text on the first page. Failure to format your assessment properly may mean that your work is unable to be read and marked which will result in a mark of 0 being applied. You must: ·Read all submission instructions on the Moodle homepage. ·Ensure that you submit work to the correct submission link oMake sure your document is ready before you confirm it as ‘FINAL.’ After this you will not be able to make any changes. oGive yourself lots of time to upload your submission because it can take up to an hour for work to be upload successfully. oUpload your submission well before 5:00pm. If your submission has a time stamp of 5:00:00pm or later this will be considered ‘late’ and awarded zero marks. If your submission is group work, all group members must: ·Individually upload a submission to Turnitin. If you have completed a practical assessment; it is still necessary to submit in order to receive a grade. If you have problems while submitting coursework, you must: ·Take a screenshot.

M003LON – End of Module Assignment – Assignment Details M003LON – End of Module Assignment – Assignment Details Assignment 2 – End of Module Assessment – Individual Marketing Plan (60%) M003LON – End of Module Assignment – Assignment Details Marketing Plan for an existing company in your subject area. As the final assignment for this module, you are required to write a Marketing Plan assessing the current marketing strategies of an existing company in your subject area from the list below. You should evaluate ONE company from the list below. You will be evaluating: S- Situational analysis (assessing the current situation) O- Objectives (You will have to make assumptions and only need to develop 2 SMART objectives) S – Strategy (assessing the current strategies) T – Tactics (assessing the current tactics) A – Action (You can either investigate what the company is currently doing or make suggestions via further reading) C- Control (You can either investigate what the company is currently doing or make suggestions via further reading) Evaluate ONE company from the list below, your marketing plan should be UK focused. This plan should identify the ways the company is generating value for stakeholders in the UK. The marketing plan should follow the SOSTAC model.

The company I choose is JP morgan

This assignment should be presented in a standard marketing plan format of between 2,000 – 2,500 words and submitted to your tutor for assessment through the usual channels. Please submit your work via Moodle at by 5pm on the Wednesday of Week 11. Module learning outcomes assessed in Assignment 2: Knowledge and understanding learning outcomes L1: To debate module concepts and theories L2: To use the theory to conduct competently the analysis of contemporary marketing issues Cognitive and critical learning outcomes L3: To compare and contrast different theoretical frameworks in order to address practical business matters L4: To develop independent lines of argument supported by evidence L5: To apply critical thinking in using theoretical knowledge and student’s own ideas Transferable skills L6: Team-working skills and personal communication L7: Utilising modern technologies and electronic resources to obtain and analyse relevant data Your writing should include references within your text with a full list of references at the end of your document using the Harvard referencing format – CULC referencing guide. Please remember that when you submit your assignment, you need to include your student ID number, along with the title of the assignment in the title of the submission. Pass Requirements A “pass” for the module is recorded with a weighted average grade of at least 40%, as long as the marks achieved in each element of assessment are 35% or above. Where the average mark for the module is 40% or above but an element of assessment for that module is below the 35% threshold, that element must be subject to a re-sit. All failed elements of an assessment must be subject to a re-sit at the next available opportunity, normally the following term. You need to have submitted both elements of assessment to qualify for a re-sit. Late submission Assignments need to be submitted electronically in Moodle, by the due date, through Turnitin. Assignments submitted after the due date without extenuating circumstances will be treated as a “fail” and given a mark of “0”. No submission Students who do not submit either one or both of their assignments are not entitled to a resit and will therefore fail the module. As a result of their failure to pass the module, they will automatically fail to qualify for a Masters Award. Re-sit Provision Students who have failed one or both elements of assessment for this module are required to re-sit the failed element/s at the next available opportunity, usually the following term. University regulations related to the capping of re-sit marks apply. Moodle (submission) Anything submitted past the deadline (no matter how short past the deadline i.e. 17:00:01) will be marked 0 in line with the late submission policy. Cover page with your name, ID number, and the name of your seminar tutor. A4 pages, 12 Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, 2.54 cm (1 inch) margins plus List of References

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