major economic act

Unit III PowerPoint Presentation Choose one major economic act enforced against the colonies by the British Crown prior to war, and cover the following:  Describe the role, reason, and impact of the act on the colonies.  Identify the arguments for/against the act by persons in the colonies.  Identify major actions by the colonies in reaction to your selected act.  How did this act increase or decrease fears of an overbearing central government?  What was the nature of the colonial government under crown authority?  Answer and defend your perspective on the following: “Was this particular act an inevitable catalyst for the eventual war?” Your presentation should meet the following requirements:  must have a minimum of 12 slides, not including title or reference slides;  must have a maximum six pictures total—focus needs to be on content;  must include a title page identifying your chosen act;  must include at least one selection from a CSU Online Library database, such as the American History and Life database that is used as research of the event and views of the time; and  must include citations throughout, and a reference page at the end identifying any sources used per 6th edition APA format.

Library Assignment
Paper- regarding to Samsung company supply and demand , elasticity of supply and demand, production and cost. The papers are to be 3 pages, typed, double spaced, sources cited, and contain reference page (per APA format). Write your paper using notes from several recent articles. Obtain basic background on a corporation. Use this data to compile a term-long case study of this firm .

journal assignment 1 : Lessons from a pin factory. As Adam Smith famously observed in the 18th century (1776), modern firms could experience both higher productivity and falling average total cost (aka economies of scale) when individual workers specialize. DIRECTIONS: You will find 2 examples from your everyday observations and describe in sufficient detail how specialization has made output more productive and at a lower cost. Also answer the following question: which two (2) conditions are necessary for the modern firm to be able to take advantage of division of labor and specialization?

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