Making TCP/IP secure

Making TCP/IP secure

Please answer each of the following questions in your organized, detailed, reflective
a. What is encryption?
b. Can UDP be secured?
2. Write a synopsis of chapter 11 reading and materials. Your synopsis should highlight the key
leaning outcomes of the chapter and your knowledge gain from the chapters.

Encryption refers to the conversion of data to a form in which an individual applies complex and hard reverse operations (cipher) altering the form of data. Encryption employs scrambling of data using specific algorithms allowing only individuals with decryption algorithm to decipher the meaning of the text (Apple Inc Para 2).

Can UDP be secured?

In as far as encrypting packets to be interchanged makes UDP more secure compared to TCP, UDP remains very complex to secure considering it uses

Chapter 11; Securing TCP/ IP

            Under Chapter 11, Meyers reviews ways in which individuals can secure TCP/IP networks and notes there are four areas that individuals could focus on this endeavor. These are Encryption of data, non-repudiation, authorization, and authentication. In each of these items, there are areas to focus on depending on the needs and the issues that individuals have to compromise on their system before individuals access the data.

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