The management of the Microsoft Corporation

Question One

The management of the Microsoft Corporation is responsible for the preparation of financial statements. The responsibility for preparing the financial reports is fulfilled by presenting the financial report of the 2014 financial year to the company’s investor. The management have ensured that they have prepared the information in line with the governing laws, and according to the required accounting standards. The management prepared full financial report, reported and explained about the current technological business environment, compared the current result with the past two years result, and issued footnotes to explain the accounting assumptions and methods used in different areas. This helps the users of the financial statements to understand the current and expected future performance of the company.

Question Two

The responsibilities of the auditors are responsible for planning and performing the audit of the Company’s financial report in order to obtain reasonable assurance with regard to whether given financial statements are free from material misstatements. They independently verified that Microsoft Corporation prepared the 2014 financial statements in such a way that the statements reflect a true and fair position of all the transactions of the company during the same year. The auditors fulfilled their responsibility by carrying out an audit of this Company’s financial report. They evaluated, assessed and applied all the necessary audit procedures of the financial statements and ascertained themselves that the company prepared reliable and truthful financial statements. They ensured that they had evaluated all the accounts of the company and all the other information that they considered relevant for the ascertainment of carrying out a full financial audit. After assessing the financial reports, they issued an unqualified financial report to the investors and other users of the financial reports.

The Accounting and audit company, which  audited  Microsoft Corporation financial statements for the financial year 2014 is Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Question Three

The main business of the Microsoft Corporation is to develop, license and support software products and services. On addition to this, the company manufactures, design, and sells personal computers and electronic devices as well as delivering the online advertising to its global customer.

Question Four

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