Manufacturing stuff?


Manufacturing stuff?



  1. Purpose


The main purpose of this project is to generate a work holding design for the given GFR part. The design of will be guided by the use modular fixturing systems. Moreover, this lab project will enhance team members understanding of 3-2-1 principle. This principle is very important outcome of this course because it is the method that help in improving process of producing large number of parts by reducing cycle time of operators and reduce total cost.


  1. Equipment and Materials


The equipment and material that we used to hold the fixture part, including:

1- place the fixture part.

2- Two plastic plane to support the surface.

2- Rest-Button used to hold the part from the sided.

3-  Hook clamp used to hood the fixture part from the top in 3-2-1 method

4- Hex head Cap screw used to hold the extension part.

5-  Two Extension supports.

6- Half way extension support.

III. Procedure


The part has been identified to be machined in the given 3 locations. On order to accomplish the machining mission on the given part we have started by adding to plastic plates and placed it under on the holding plate under the GFR part. In that way the rigidity of the part is considered.  Then two rest buttons have been added to datum B to ensure fixture feature for the right and left edges of the arc.  Moreover,   half way extension support have been added to datum to hold the part in C datum and edge supporter have been added from the opposite side. Those fixture features will ensure holding the part while  cutting activity to generate the “arc” design of the part. Also, another half away extension and support extension will be added to support the same objective.


Furthermore,  three hook clamps have been added as shown in figure 2 to totally hold the part when drilling happen in locations labeled by 1 and 2 in figure 1.


Figure 1. Locations of cutting and drilling activities are labeled in number 1,2, and 3



Figure 2.  Top View

Figure3. Front View

Figure 4. Side View



In the new design 3-2-1 rule was implemented to ensure the part is fixed and secure for any machining processes involved. The following steps explain our method to do this task. The fixture were builded in the MEEL lab and it was monitored by the lab instructor Mr. Scott. The lab instructors have guided the group members about how approach a work holding design with 3-2-1 principle and with consideration of the useful life of the holding design with the loading and unloading activities .The new design was modified according to the instructions of lab instructor.

 The design that was constructed in week 6 was incorrect because it was fixing tools were blocking the cutting machine direction to cut the arc shape. In the new design the cutting zone is open for the machining process .







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