Market Research Proposal

Research proposal on hydrogen sulphide

Novel research proposal on hydrogen sulphide donors. The proposal must however be a novel idea, must have all sections of a classical PhD proposal with a detailed protocol and should be a project that can be done in Nigeria considering that some equipments might not be available at our disposal

Market Research Proposal

The starting point for all market research projects is the research proposal. This document sets out the research design and forms the basis of the contract between the researcher and the client. The market research proposal should be based on the topic chosen for the literature review. Find out what the key sections are in a good proposal. Based on lectures, seminar and additional reading you should identify what should go into your research proposals for your project. Justify your choices through discussion supported by references.

Better answers will give examples of good practice: For example, research objectives, and show they understand the difference between clear and unclear market research objectives. You must include a Reference list that displays full and accurate Harvard.
You should think about the following decisions:
• Background
• Definition of the problem
• Aims and Objectives
• Scope of the Study
• Research Approach and Methodology
(e.g. sample and research approach/es, type of research, techniques to be employed)
• Research Considerations & Rationale
(i.e. why this approach and methodology has been selected, possible limitations.)

• Decide whom you are going to question and how you will select them.
• Show awareness of the potential advantages & disadvantages with the method(s) you select.
• Demonstrate how you will tackle issues which could cause bias in your results

Servant leadership

General information;
Title of dissertation : servant leadership
Resarch question : what typle of organization support servant leadership

– In the table
I want you to add 3 author written in modren servant leadership theory such as
1- greenleaf
2-patterson ( 2003)
3-russel and stone (2002)

In chapter 4 : dissuction
The comment of my supervisor are
1- Your discussion is very superficial; you need to demonstrate analysis of the material for level 7 studies

2- Have you read this particular piece on SL?
Page 6 highlights the functional and accompanying attributes of the SL.
It goes on to discuss the role of values in SL and there is an interesting section on page 7 & 8 that spotlights criticisms of the theory.
I think this would be useful for you when discussing and analysing the concept of SL.
I think you also need to read this paper by Kae Reynolds (2011) (below) it gives a feminist perspective of SL within organizations:

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