Marketing Communications

  1. Define marketing communications.
  2. What are some ways marketing communications can contribute to brand equity according to the Customer-based brand equity model?
  3. What is the simplest (but most useful) way to judge any communications options?
  4. Explain the simple three step model to assess effectiveness of any communication option.
  5. What are the six steps of the information processing model of communication?
  6. Using the six steps of the information processing model of communication, explain what an ideal ad campaign would ensure.
  7. What are the four major marketing communication options?
  8. Define advertising.
  9. Distinguish message strategy from creative strategy.
  10. What are the two main concerns in devising an advertising strategy?
  11. Creative strategies tend to be either largely ________________, elaborating on a specific product-related attribute or benefit, or largely ________________, portraying a specific non-product-related benefit or image.
  12. What are certain motivational or ‘borrowed interest’ devices that help attract consumers’ attention and raise their involvement with an ad?
  13. What are the downsides of these attention-getting tactics?
  14. What is the challenge in arriving at the best creative strategy?
  15. Explain the potential fallibility of pretesting. How should a copy-testing result be used?
  16. Why has print media taken a huge hit in recent years? How are the publishers reacting to this trend?
  17. What makes an effective print ad?
  18. What is precision marketing?
  19. Define Place advertising (or OOH, out-of-home advertising). What are some of the media options included in this form of advertising?
  20. What is Product Placement?
  21. What are some examples of ways to communicate with consumers at the point of purchase? (which includes in-store advertising)
  22. What is the appeal of point-of-purchase advertising?
  23. What is the main advantage of nontraditional media?
  24. The message in the out-of-home advertising must be ________ and _________ because the audience must process ads quickly.
  25. Define sales promotion.
  26. Define consumer promotion. Categorize consumer promotion methods into customer franchise building and noncustomer franchise building promotions.
  27. While advertising typically provides consumers a ___________ to buy, sales promotions offer consumers an ________________ to buy.
  28. Marketers can target sales promotions to either the _____________ or _____________ consumers.
  29. What should a good promotional strategy reflect? What are the trends of couponing?
  30. Define trade promotion.
  31. What are the main advantages of marketing on the web?
  32. What are the three particularly crucial online brand-building tools discussed in our textbook?
  33. Because consumers often go online to seek _________________ rather than be entertained, some of the more successful web sites are those that can convey ___________________ in a consumer-relevant area.
  34. In creating online information sources for consumers at company websites, marketers must provide _____________ and ________________ information. Web sites must be updated frequently and offer as much customized information as possible, especially for existing customers.
  35. What is an advantage of videos?
  36. What does social media allow consumers to do?
  37. What are the six key options of social media?
  38. What are benefits of social media?
  39. When companies choose to engage in social media, _______________________ of ____________________ and the _______________________ ___________________ are critical.
  40. Only _______________ of the consumers want to get involved with only some of the _______________ and even then, only some of the _________________.
  41. A successfully digitally based campaign for a brand often skillfully blends what three different forms of media?
  42. What is paid media?
  43. What is owned media?
  44. What is earned media?
  45. What is the commonality of all events and experiences?
  46. What is event marketing?
  47. Why do marketers sponsor events?
  48. What are some guidelines for choosing events to sponsor? Describe an ideal event.
  49. What is geotargeting?
  50. What are the two brand amplifiers?
  51. Define Publicity and Public Relations
  52. What is the power of word of mouth?
  53. Define Buzz marketing.
  54. What is the main theme of developing an integrated marketing communication program?
  55. What are the criteria for evaluating IMC programs?
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