Mary Shelley intellectual lineage

Mary Shelley intellectual lineage

Mary Shelley intellectual lineage

Given what you′ve learned in the Introduction to Frankenstein and the video you watched about early 19th century England and Mary Shelley′s intellectual lineage, comment here upon the representation of sex/gender in the novel.

Why do you think Shelley chose a man for her main character instead of a woman?

How does Victor′s character fit or not fit with the expectations for a man in his society?

What do you make of the character of Elizabeth?

Do you think Mary Shelley is offering commentary upon what it means to be a man versus a woman in early 19th century England ?

In their essay ″Mary Shelley′s Monstrous Eve,″ Gilbert and Gubar surmise that Frankenstein′s creature is actually an allegory for ″the literal monstrosity many women are taught to see as characteristic of their own bodies″ (343). Or, in the context of this class, we might say the creature is a metaphor for what it feels like to be a ″nasty″ woman. Do you agree or disagree with Gilbert′s and Gubar′s interpretation? Why or why not? If Mary Shelley were consciously using this story as an allegory for women′s feeling of monstrosity, why do you think she chose this allegory over a more realistic story about a woman who feels like an outcast? What use, if any, is a story like this for communicating feelings of ″nastiness″?

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