Masculinities – Intersectionality and Asian Americans

Write a speech only-presentation about real-experience of a non-white immigrant�s path of integration into America society.

Write a short oral presentation on one�s own ethnic background, your own and/or family�s history of integration into America society, and how your family�s experience and your own does or does not relate to material dealt with in this course.

If the situation is not applied on you (i.e. you�re born in America). You can write your friend/his family�s experience instead. This friend of yours should be of Asian origin.

Masculinities – Intersectionality and Asian Americans

Question: You are to discuss the “politics of gender” within the Asian American community. Underlying your discussion is an understanding of a particular instance of intersectionality—the gendered and sexualized form of both the racial oppression of Asian Americans and their resistance to it. Discussion of the gender politics will entail briefly outlining the “feminization” /“emasculation” of Asian American men; and then focusing on the nature of the nationalist reaction to this ‘feminization,” the Asian American feminist critique of this nationalist response, and the gender politics that ensued. In the course of your discussion of gender politics, I want you to pay some attention to the concept of privilege and its invisibility to those with it.

Scene Close Reading

we discuss salient techniques, you will be expected to apply the stylistic analysis model provided by Lewis in Essential Cinema to a film scene of your choosing. To complete the assignment you will have to
Choose a scene from one of the film�s watched in class? Adventureland (Mottola, 2009)?Fargo (Joel and Ethan Coen, 1996)?Sightseers (Wheatley 2012)?Amelie (Jeunet, 2001)?Jane Eyre (Fukunaga, 2011)?Zodiac (Fincher, 2007)?Submarine (Ayoade 2011)?Silence of the Lambs (Demme, 1991)?Jackie Brown (Tarantino, 1997)?Pain & Gain (Bay, 2013)?Virgin Suicides (Coppola, 1999)?
� Discuss the scene�s place within the larger narrative.
� Choose one technique that you think is used predominantly in the scene.
� Discuss how it functions in progressing the narrative, enhancing the audience�s. understanding of the characters, and/or contributes to the film�s overall meaning.

Papers should be
� 12 pt font, 1 inch margins
� Correctly cite films
� Should focus specifically on technique.

Focus on:
Includes discussion of the overall form of the film.
Discusses the scene’s place within the overall narrative
Chooses one technique to examine
Discusses how the technique is used within the film
Discusses how the technique is used to enhance the telling of the narrative or portraying characters
Discusses the technique’s function/contribution to film’s meaning

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