Middleton marketing research

Middleton marketing research

Focus: This is the capstone case for this course. It covers a broad range of issues in market research as well as illustrating B2B Middleton marketing research and marketing research from the entrepreneur’s perspective.

Case Study Question:

Based on the facts presented in the case, what course of action would you recommend to Middleton in the decision he is facing (page 7): Should he conduct further market research himself, use the consultant, or the student team?


This case involves research being conducted in the B2B area – potential customers/competitors may be part of the sample. Think about how that may influence data collection and sampling.
This case also involves a new business, so think about how might that impact on the course of action you recommend.
In the case you are given three discrete options to choose from, however you might like to consider how Middleton could use a hybrid of these approaches to better suit his information needs.

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