Motivation for Managers and Leaders Essay 300 WC

Motivation for Managers and Leaders Essay 300 WC

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Compare and contrast the content or values of two learning objectives for motivation.

When choosing your two learning objectives for your assignment, one should be an area where you had the least prior-knowledge; the second should be where you believe to be themost valuable in your future career. Do not use the same item for both of your choices!

My career choice: Business management


  1. An understanding of the role that motivation plays in achieving organizational objectives
  2. The role of and importance of trust for managers in motivating employees
  3. The scientific management approach to motivation
  4. The equity approach of motivation
  5. The hierarchy of needs
  6. The achievement-power-affiliation approach to motivation
  7. The motivation-maintenance approach to motivation
  8. The expectancy approach to motivation
  9. The reinforcement approach to motivation
  10. Achieving a positive level of organizational morale – add how one would achieve this objective



  1. Provide an initial posting of 225 to 300 wordsin APA format and must include 2 references.


  1. Paragraphs must include a heading that reads “My least prior knowledge” and “I believe this strength to be the most valuable in my future career.”
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