Movie Review: Pay it Forward

The film Pay it forward is based on a story of a fictional character Trevor Mckinney, a seventh grader. Trevor thought of a project that would have significant impact on the life of people in the society as their teacher Mr Simonet had requested them to do and apply. The major concept that drives the movie is the act of generosity where an individual who has helped or assisted has to give forward to three other persons rather than just giving back to the person that has assisted them. As part of showing realism, Trevor applies the concept by being the first initiator of the pay it forward generosity circle. Although there is an irony of Trevor dying out of this generosity, the movie displays different characters in a setting that depicts real life experiences and they all come to terms with the act of generosity as they pay respect to his life.

In my Opinion, Pay it Forward is one of the well thought out movies that depicts why it is not easy for individuals in the society to give back or at least pay forward to other people. The movie is fashioned with realism and characters are well built to display the different personas that people may have in the society. Interestingly, the movie chooses Trevor; a young student who struggle to connect the dots of generosity and see them through in the society. I might agree with the view that the movie shows too much of Utopianism, but still in its weird nature it shows the essence of good deed to the society and why people should be keen to adopt and apply them.

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