Read the passage carefully and answer the accompanying questions from the AP Course Description.

After answering all questions, check your answers.

In paragraph one, reflect on the type of questions asked and the format and content of these questions. Your focus for paragraph one should be the EXAM ITSELF.

For paragraph two, focus on your performance. Discuss the types of questions that were easy for you, and which types you missed. Discuss any patterns you have noticed about your work. Do you have a hard time with a specific type of question? Is there one term that always throws you off? What are your strengths here? Weaknesses? The focus for paragraph two should be YOUR EXPERIENCE.


Up on the corner lived a drunk of legend, a true phenomenon, who could surely have qualified as the king of all the world’s winos. He was neither poetic like the others nor ambitious like the singer (to whom we’ll presently come) but his drinking bouts were truly awe-inspiring and he was not without his sensitivity. In the throes of his passion he would shout to the whole wide world one concise command, “Shut up!’’ Which was disconcerting enough to all who heard (except, perhaps, the singer), but such were the labyrinthine acoustics of courtyards and areaways that he seemed to direct his command at me. The writer’s block which this produced s indescribable. On one heroic occasion he yelled his obsessive command without one interruption longer than necessary to take another drink (and with no appreciable loss of volume, penetration or authority) for three long summer days and nights, and shortly afterwards he died. Just how many lines of agitated prose he cost me I’ll never know, but in all that chaos of sound I sympathized with his obsession, for I, too, hungered and thirsted for quiet. Nor did he inspire me to a painful identification, and for that I was thankful. Identification, after all, involves feelings of guilt and responsibility, and, since I could hardly hear my own typewriter keys, I felt in no way accountable for his condition. We were simply fellow victims of the madding crowd. May he rest in peace.

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