Music Concert Report

The most recent music concert that I attended was held on 26th July 2014 at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. The music performance was conducted by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra music group. Jazz was the main musical style that the group performed. The artists form the Chicago Symphony Orchestra played at different music textures. They would switch from homophony to polyphony from time to time which enabled them to control the energy of the performance. The musical instruments used by the group included typical jazz instruments such as bass drums, trumpets, guitars, and saxophones. The group also utilized rare instruments such as clarinet, vibraphone as well as trombone. The artists utilized different vocal styles to deliver the melody through fussing them in a rhythmic improvisation. The group had perfect microphone skills and music reception was good (cited in Sutro, 2011).

The musical performance was excellent. The performance started with a low note and was later hyped as time passed. The performing artists seemed organized and prepared for the occasion. The artists performed with vigor accompanied by amazing vocals which provided the desired energy for the performance. The instruments were played by experts who complemented the artists’ vocals to produce an amazing melodic tune. The group exhibited excellent talent in playing musical instruments. The performers mixed ancient and new school jazz music. Some of the most captivating songs played by the band were such as Pines of Rome (Ottrino Respighi), Shostakovich, and Stravinsky. The audience appreciated every bit of the concert. The audience would clap and wiggle their bodies while other treaded their feet heavily with the groove of bass drums. People would also yell and whistle in appreciation at the end of every song. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra music group successfully captured the people’s attention throughout the performance (cited in Sutro, 2011).

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