Network and Internet Security

Network and Internet Security
1. To secure files on your computer so they are unreadable to a hacker who might gain access to your computer, what type of encryption (public key or private key) would be the most appropriate? Explain.

2. List two precautions you can take to protect6 against someone hacking your social media accounts.

Computer Security and Privacy
1. List two precautions that can be taken while traveling with a portable computer to guard against its theft.

2. Explain the purpose of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and how it differs in function from a surge suppressor.

3. Think of one computer-related security or privacy risk you have encountered recently. Describe the risk and list at least one precaution that could be taken to minimize that risk.

Emerging Technologies
1. Would and OLED display or an LCD display use more battery power? Explain why.

2. Would Wi-Fi or Wireless HD be better for wirelessly networking two computers within a home? Explain

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