New Century Wellness group

New Century Wellness group
I have a case study homework for system analysis and i need it 7 days from now.
I listed the book in bottom of this comment.
Task 1
Page 339:
Tools 4 U details:
Tools 4 U is a tool rental company that reaches out to people with little or no experience. The firm has a staff of technicians to help customers select the right tools, show them how to use the tools, and provide 24/7 support.
The company is working on an online system to manage its growing business. The company asked you to help design the user interface.
Q1. Design a data entry screen for entering new members.
Q2. Suggest at least three data validation rules that might help reduce input errors for the video rental system.
Q3. Design a screen for managers, with weekly and monthly data on rentals, new customers, late charges, and anything else you think a store manager might want to review. Be sure to include numeric activity and dollar totals.

Task 2
Read Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group on page 340 in the textbook and answer tasks 1,3 and 4 .

Task 3
Parrot Palace
Parrot Palace works with TV and movie producers who need birds that can perform special tricks, such as playing dead, reciting poetry, ladder climbs, and various other tricks. Parrot Palace has about 50 birds and a list of 20 tricks from which to choose. Each bird can perform one or more tricks, and many tricks can be performed by more than one bird. When a bird learns a new trick, the trainer assigns a skill level. Some customers insist on using birds that score a 10, which is the highest skill level. As an IT consultant, you have been asked to suggest 3NF table designs. You are fairly certain that an M:N relationship exists between birds and tricks.
Q1. Draw an ERD for the Parrot Palace information system.
Q2. Indicate cardinality.
Q3.Identify all fields you plan to include in the birds and tricks tables. For example, in the bird table, you might want species, size, age, name, and so on. In the tricks table, you might want the trick name and description. You will need to assign a primary key in each table. Hint: Before you begin, review some database design samples in chapter 9. You might spot a similar situation that requires an associative entity that you can use as a pattern. In addition, remember that numeric values work well in primary key fields.
Q4. Create 3NF table designs

Task 4
Read Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group as found on page 398 in the textbook and answer tasks 1,2 and 3 .

Task 5
Read Capstone Case: New Century Wellness group as found on page 442 in the textbook and answer task 3.


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