Reference:Tindal, C. R, Nobes Tindal, S, Stewart, K, and Smith, P.J. (2013). Local government in Canada, 8th ed. Toronto: Nelson Education.
The residents of the City of Toronto for the first time have elected an individual for mayor, who has not previously served on City Council. Uniquely, this mayor will be starting with a municipal clean slate, in terms of: lack of personal political history with elected councillors, assumptions concerning policy priorities both city-wide and local; revenue and expenditure initiatives; the need to calm relations with regional neighbours, the government at Queen’s Park and the federal government in Ottawa; not to forget the desire of most residents to have political leadership that is informed, and respectful. It’s a tall order for any new chief magistrate of the city of Toronto.

Throughout this course we have looked at historical, financial, political, administrative, governance issues as well as community relations that frame the democratic institutions of the city of Toronto.

As a planner or policy analyst asked to assist the new mayor in putting a stamp on the new administration what would be your recommendations for the new mayor’s municipal priorities?

In writing this paper, the municipal budget, both operating and capital, is an important source for you;
When writing the paper use the first writing block to recommend policy direction for these four themes that re-occurred throughout the course: transit and transportation improvements, transit funding, affordable housing, and revenue tools.

Use the second writing block to discuss two issues that are ones that you have experienced as a resident, or that we have discussed in seminar or in discussing Vital Signs articles and make recommendations.

In formatting the response to the paper question: there will be an introduction, then six short analyses of the issues: that is, the current status of an issue, the suggested goal, and the recommended political approach. A conclusion would be appropriate.

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