Technology Innovations and Healthcare

Technology Innovations and Healthcare

To prepare for this Discussion, search the Walden Library or the Internet for a technological innovation in healthcare (ex: Blue button; telemedicine; computing; video gaming in healthcare; robotic and computer-assisted surgeries; simulation devices, etc.). This innovation should be different than the mobile device you discussed in Week 3.

By Day 4, post a summary of the innovation. Be sure to include comprehensive responses to the following:

  • What is the technological innovation and how is it used?
  • Whom will it impact?
  • How could it improve healthcare quality and delivery?
  • How might the innovation evolve in the future?

Support your explanation with weekly readings and the resource/s you found.

Learning Resources

Required Resources


  • Video and Web Article: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2009, April 13). Games for health: Get well.  Retrieved from


  • Topical Study Guide
  • Schiavo, R. (2008). Digital marketing: The rise of e-health: Current trends and topics on online health communications. Journal of Medical Marketing8(1), 9–18.
  • Whittaker, R., & Smith, M. (2008). M-health—Using mobile phones for healthy behaviour change. International Journal of Mobile Marketing3(2), 80–85.
  • World Health Organization. (2011). mHealth: New horizons for health through mobile technologies. Retrieved from

    [PDF] Sections 1.2, section 2, and section 3.




APA Style 250-350 words(not including references)

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