Nurse independent prescribing critical review on difference for prescribing between children and adults

You are required to produce a report of not more than 2000 words, which analyses the operation of the final assembly line at the Mini Oxford plant at Cowley.

Your task:

You should produce a report of not more than 2,000 words, addressed to your module leaders addressing the following questions.

1) Following the final assembly process at Mini, identify where the process does and does not follow the concepts you have learnt in the module. You should comment on any extraneous factors, which have an impact here.

2) Comment upon the delivery lead-time with particular reference to the supply chain configuration and the impact this has on capacity and planning.

3) Produce a set of conclusions and recommendations, which address both your perceived strengths and weaknesses on the process.

Suggested Report Structure (for both outline and final)

1. Introduction
2. Final Assembly Process at Mini – use the themes from the case study to identify and explain the relevant theories, and what type of data will be obtained from Mini. If not sure of data, it is allowed to ask questions as part of the plan. This section could be sub-divided into a number of sub-headings based on the themes from the case study.
In the final assignment – we expect you to explain and apply the theories to Mini
3. Delivery Lead time – same approach as above
4. Conclusions and Recommendations – based on process strengths and weaknesses – we expect you to be able to synthesise and evaluate and make suitable recommendations

Nurse independent prescribing critical review on difference for prescribing between children and adults

Critically apply an understanding of the legal, cognitive, emotional and physical differences between neonates, infants, children, young people and adults prior to making a prescribing decision or referring on appropriately.

• Physiological differences across the age span
• Legal implications of consent in young people and children
• Communication skills as applied to different age groups
• Accountability and decision making to refer on

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