Nutrition Action Plan Assignment


This paper must be written at a master level. Please use references that are provided in the instructions. This is a health safety and nutrition assignment within education.

Health, Safety and Nutrition

Nutrition Action Plan Assignment

Due Sunday midnight of Week 7

Purpose: To create an action plan towards furthering your competency in health, safety, and nutrition.

In your Week Three Reflection you read, interpreted and reflected on your knowledge and skills related to the Health, Safety and Nutrition Competency Area. You determined some areas of growth to work on now and in the future.

In your Week Five Discussion Board you delved more deeply into the questions related specifically to the Performance Area of Nutrition about which you were curious. You were able to discuss your questions with your colleagues and develop some possible action ideas.

In this assignment, you will use your work from previous weeks, in conjunction with the Portfolio Protocol in the CompSAT, to create an Action Plan for your Health, Safety and Nutrition Competency. This assignment will ultimately be useful to document your growing competency in Health, Safety and Nutrition.


In a 3-4 page paper, in APA format, you will discuss your growth area, questions, rationale, course of action and documentation plan.
1. Read the selections for Week Seven:
• Chapter 20 of Marotz (2015)
• Pp 132-138 (Physical Development Introduction) from the CDE (2011).California Preschool Curriculum Framework, (Vol. 2). Retrieved on November 5, 2014 from
• Review pp 250-251 (Bringing it All Together) CDE (2011). California Preschool Curriculum Framework, (Vol. 2). Retrieved on November 5, 2014 from
• Review pp 88-90 (Performance Areas 5 and 6) of the CDE & First 5 CA (2012). California Early Childhood Educator Competencies. Retrieved on November 5, 2014 from
• Review Portfolio Protocol (Web page). Retrieved on November 5, 2014 from
2. Examine the portfolio samples on the bottom of this page. Health, Safety and Nutrition Competency Area (Web page). Retrieved on November 5, 2014 from
3. Examine your “competency context” for this topic area. Decide which of the competency contexts is most applicable to your exploration. Decide whether you want to deepen your work in one area, or move to another area.
a. Supporting Early Learning and Development
b. Planning and Guiding Early Learning and Development
c. Creating and Maintaining Program Policies and Practices
d. Advancing the Early Childhood Profession
4. Looking over your Week Three Reflection and Week Five Discussion Board, reflect on your topic area questions, your observations and action ideas. Review and refine your questions. Write your questions and rationale for your questions. Frame your questions.
5. Decide on a course of action. What is your project? Keep it focused. It does not have to be big. Describe what you are going to do step by step – in a numbered format. Include planning steps, actions to be taken, communication strategies, collaboration strategies, etc. Be very detailed. Include materials and resources you will need. Describe the support and collaborators that will be involved.
6. Documentation. How will your document your work? Read the information under Craft Your Story and Document Your Work on the CompSAT Portfolio Protocol (Web page).. How will you organize your story? What are the questions or prompts that will frame your story? How will you document your work and tell your story? What materials will you need? What support will you need? How much time will it take? Be specific.
Use the headings below and APA Format for your paper. Double space. If you need a refresher in APA format, visit the Online Writing Center at INSERT OWC URL . Additionally, you may want to view the APA 6th edition video on YouTube  or visit the Online Writing Laboratory at Purdue at

Listed below are the section headers to be used for the paper. Beneath each section header is a brief description of what should be included in that section. For more precise grading criteria, see the rubric.

My Reflective Process

In the introduction, provide an overview of your reflective process. Return to your reflection from Week Three and describe how you arrived at your topic area. Describe the competency context that you are working within and why.

Questions and Rationale

List your questions, and describe how your questions have determined your course of action. In your rationale for each question, describe your observations of the children and your discussions with your colleagues from Week Five Discussion Board and colleagues at your site. Provide your interpretations and rationale.

Course of Action

Describe, in detail, the activities, projects or actions you will take. Answer the following questions in detail. Write your steps in detail, and number them.

What is your course of action? What are the steps you will take? What are the resources and materials needed? Who are your collaborators and how will they support you?

How I Will Tell My Story

This is where you write about how you will document the actions you described in section three. Describe in detail how you will document the process. What strategies will you use? What resources will you need? How much time will it take? What will the end product look like?


Use APA format to list at least three references you used in this process.

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