Oedipus the king

Argue for or against the claim that fate not any flaw in character is responsible for the tragedy that occurs in the play Oedipus the King

This is an essay that makes an argument about the classical Greek Play  Oedipus the King

Fate guides the Play Oedipus the King

Throughout the play Oedipus the King, there has been extensive use of fate to communicate and show the existence of forces beyond the scope of humans. The use of fate in the play has often aroused mixed reactions amongst the readers, since some of these readers are of the view that fate does not exist, and thus does not guide the destiny of the characters. This review will show why fate exists in the play by noting some of the episodes that characters went through.

The credence of fate in this play is elucidated by shaping the destiny of characters through affecting their environment. In this play, the citizens of Thebes prompt this setting by asking Oedipus, the then king, to find a solution to the plague. Oedipus sends Creon to find out what the gods need the citizens to do. On his return, events unfold that King Laius’ killer is the cause of the plague. In this episode, fate seems to be guiding Oedipus to realize the truth and actualize his destiny. It is then that Oedipus sets out to find the killer. In each of the preceding events, it is clear that fate places Oedipus on a spot where he will easily discover the truth. In addition to this, it offers clues on what he should do. He admits to Creon “Speak to us all. I grieve for these, my people far more than I fear for my own life” (Worthen 75). His confession indicates the power of fate by urging him to discover who he is.

Fate is also visible through Oedipus’ troubling thoughts. The play makes it clear that fate has to achieve its objective. In the play, fate led Oedipus to have troubling thoughts, and despite being advised by Jocasta to stop this quest, he persistently sets forth to the discovery Jocasta asks him “What do you mean? Why so anxious, startled?” (Worthen 82). Therefore, one can say that in as far as Oedipus was encouraged to find a solution for his people, the thoughts that he could be the result of his father’s death chills him. It is these thoughts that encourage him to seek the truth relentlessly. These thoughts are what one would call forces of fate.

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