Oh Captain My Captain by Whitman

Oh Captain My Captain by Whitman

Assignment 1. American literature

Spring 22-23

Oh Captain by Walt Whitman is a great metaphorical poem written by Walt Whitman, which seemingly eulogizes the death of Abraham LincolnThe poem comprises various themes such as grief and loss, nationalism, victory and loss, and uses symbolism to communicate the author’s grasp of the situation. The poem attempts to symbolize the end of the civil war as well as the death of the American President Abraham Lincoln. The voyage mentioned by the persona may have been used to describe either the civil war or Abraham Lincoln.

In Oh Captain, we can see how Walt Whitman uses the elegy poem to help the American nation come to terms with the end of the American Civil War and the death of Abraham Lincoln.

  • Discuss the historical elements within the poem, the poet’s use of symbolism, and how he develops the form of the elegy poem to account for the emotion felt in the poem.
  • How does Whitman show his admiration for Lincoln, the collective mourning of a nation, and what poetic devices does he use to help the nation deal with the effect of civil war?

You must make direct reference to the poem in your answer in the following format “ Oh Captain, my captain”(Ln1)

You must analyze at least four lines from each stanza of the poem.

All citations must be written in APA style.

You must include an APA cover page.

You must write a minimum of 500 words.

All entries must be uploaded to the student portal through Turnitin, and you MUST also provide a hard copy to your instructor for grading on the date of submission

No online sources are permitted, and the school policy on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism will be applied.

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