Operations Management Questions; Customer service

Question: Operations Management Questions; Customer service

The service counter in a local bank has two teller windows.  Customers wait in a single line before being served by the first available teller. Historical records indicate that customers arrive at an average rate of 30per hour and are served at an average rate of 24 per hour.  The teller windows are open for 8 hours eachday.  The estimated cost of operating eachteller windows is $30 per hour.  Theestimated cost of waiting is $20 per hour.

a.      Whatis the utilization factor for the customer service counter?

b.     Whatis the average number of customers waiting in line to be served?

c.      Whatis the average amount of time that a customer spends waiting in line to beserved?

d.     Whatis the probability that there are no customers waiting in line to be served?

e.      Whatis the total daily system cost?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />


Don’t know how to go about writing up these infractions, not a fire manager or have experience in it.  I need to know how to code this because I am in construction and the fire inspectors do this for us.  I have the book, does not really tell me much on how to do this assignment.  My course is called FIR 3303. Help

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