Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

This case presents an ethical dilemma on whether a 6-year old child diagnosed with meningitis should be treated against the wish of her primary custodial mother, who is a Christian Scientist and insist no medical treatment should be given to the child on religious grounds. Even though the father of the child has given his permission to initiate treatment on the child, the physician faces ethical dilemma of whether he should operate the child without primary custodial mother’s permission.

Decision-Making Model

Using a decision-making model helps one to make an objective decision (Cognitive perspective) rather than affective (emotional perspective) one. This analysis uses the Uustal (1993) model. The model follows the nursing process and clarification of values when applying it to make an ethical decision and has the following steps:

  • Step one: Identifying the problem by asking who, how, and what is involved. After answering this questions, the values conflicts and ethical dilemma should be stated.
  • Step two: stating your personal ethical position and value about the problem. One should ask: how does the issue in question fit within his values?
  • Step three: development of alternative of solving the dilemma
  • Step four: various alternatives should be categorized and those inconsistent with personal values identified.
  • Step five: make a prediction about all the possible outcomes taking into consideration spiritual, physical, social, and psychological consequences.
  • Step six: prioritize the acceptable behavior from most acceptable to the least.
  • Step seven: develop an action plan considering all the acceptable alternative in the case
  • Step eight: after identifying the possible alternatives implement them.

Solving dilemma using the model

Identifying the Problem

The ethical dilemma in the case is ………………..

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