Executive Summary

This report was developed to analyze the historical performance of A P eagers limited. A P Eagers Limited deals with selling motor vehicles for the world know brand likes Volkswagen and Toyota. The research draws attention to the qualitative and quantitative performance elements of the company and presents them in a logical cohesive format. The company income statement indicates that its annual sales revenue grew gradually between 2010 and 2014 which is also reflected in its growth in return on assets and on shareholders wealth. The company runs a sustainable business, and its management projects better performance in the future. A P Eagers Limited has outperformed many of its competitors in such areas as sales growth and overall grow in assets. Through providing a brief background to the company and providing brief information on stock price movements, local and global economic impacts will be discussed follow by industry trends. The quantitative analysis will review trends in items located in the profit and loss statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flows, and calculate relevant ratios. These ratios will measure profitability, liquidity, leverage and financial risk. Important changes will be highlighted within these ratios and reasons for the changes will be identified. The report finishes with recommendations on whether it would be advisable to invest in this company. 

1.0 Introduction

A P Eagers Limited – Qualitative Background

A P Eagers Limited is a publicly traded company in Australia with the core business consisting of operation and ownership of motor vehicle dealership. The major operations of the company are in South east Queensland, Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, and the Newcastle.  The company offers operations provided through the company’s strategically clustered dealership, 65% of which are located in the properties that are owned by the A P Eagers Limited itself. A P Eagers Limited was established in 1913 as a family automotive business located in Brisbane by Edward Eager and his son Frederic. After it was established the company established the first motor vehicle assembly based in Queensland in 1922 (Carlin, Finch, and Ford, 2008). The company secured the responsibility of distributing…………………….

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