Patient Beliefs

Write a Reflective Essay on your Read Aloud exercise to a group of children

Write a 750 word reflective essay describing your exercise reading aloud to a group of children. It should be a well referenced piece of work.

My school experience is with a reception class. I chose to read the book ‘Paddington and the Christmas Surprise’. I was not planning on asking the children questions, but they were keen to engage, so changed the plan as I started reading, based on their level of engagement.

I chose the book because the previous theme for the class was Fairy Tales, and the had just moved on to Christmas. So, stories were Christmas related, and it was linked to a movie.

The teacher observed my task, and gave me good feed back on eye contact and engagement with children. I still have work to do on behaviour management, however, that was my first week in school experience. I said I hoped that I could have had a stronger, better planned plenary end.

Patient Beliefs.

Topic 1: Patient Beliefs
Fundamental to the nursing professional role is the ability to approach patients with a nonjudgmental attitude. Nurses are responsible for demonstrating respect for the patients’ rights to their own beliefs, even when the patients’ beliefs are vastly different from those of the nurse. Consider an example that you have come across in your work place or from the assigned readings.

Topic 1: Patient Beliefs (p 2)
Reflect on how you would prepare to address the differences between your beliefs and those of the patient and the family, and consider any experiences or feelings you have related to this situation. Discuss strategies for dealing with this situation in a nonjudgmental way, and be sure to incorporate the following elements of critical thinking in your answer:

•Identify the issue;

•Formulate inferences;

•Identify faulty reasoning;

•Assess assumptions;

•Formulate conclusions; and

•Assess implications.

Textbook Readings

Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives

•Chapter 21

•Chapter 22

Open the Nursing Articles by Database document and sort for the unit to determine where these articles are located. Review this video to learn how to use the document. Click here to obtain the transcript.

Braccia, D. (2008). Web connect. Online resources address culturally competent care. ONS Connect, 23(8), 20.

Kon, A. A. (2006). When parents refuse treatment for their child. JONA’s Health Care Law, Ethics, and Regulation, 8(1), 5-9.

Leninger, M. (2001). A mini journey into transcultural nursing with its founder. Nebraska Nurse, 34(2), 16-17.

Web resources:

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