Performance Review Process

 A project review of the performance review process or a training module is suggested.


1. Organization overview

2. Identify an organization’s educational needs and design a formal educational

or training architecture for (TRS).

3. Identify how (TRS) can gain sustainable competitive advantage through

human capital strategies .

4. Describe HR’s role in developing human capital strategies and HR’s impact

on organizational success.

5. The internal strengths and weaknesses your team identified and how the organization (TRS) responded to these factors from a HR consulting perspective.

6. The external opportunities and threats your team identified and how the company responded to these factors from a HR consulting perspective.

7. How (TRS) should aligns its staffing strategy with its corporate values.

8. Recommendations by the your consulting team regarding the leadership philosophy and direction the Toy Company (TRS) should take in order to further align HR with the accomplishment of organizational goals.

9.Additional external primary sources to the case are encouraged to incorporate, citations on the references page and if required, quoted with an in text citation in your report.


  • Ten (10) full pages in length, not including the cover page or a References page.
  • One (1) inch margins on all sides of each page of your report.
  • 12 point font (Times New Roman,Arial) is required
  • Power Point Presentation


  • Business-level language is required; minimal use of contractions, slang,cliches.
  • Report written in third person. This is not an opinion paper as no one is expected to be an expert in the subject matter.
  • Paper is written in active voice versus passive voice
  • Reportmust be proofread; error-free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes


  • Introduction and developed conclusion statement is required in all case reports
  • Case content and facts must be included in response to each question to support / substantiate the response.
  • Evidence of understanding of the facts presented and integrated will be assessed in the manner for which the report is written.
  • Well-developed responses will demonstrate application relevance over perfunctory writing.
  • If a source is used, APA format (current edition) is expected for both in-text citation and on the References page.
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