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Assessment 2: Personal Leadership Development Plan

Empowering others and encouraging employee participative approaches can lead to world-class performance within healthcare organisations. Learning to empower people and delegate power are essential skills of effective leaders and managers
This assessment has three parts.

1.Complete the empowerment survey.(u can just guess your own findings) just make up your own findings as I cant be able to get the book online)…..

a)Develop a plan for your personal development.

b)Discuss the attributes of the plan you have developed and how it links to management theories, educational theories, your personal needs and personal learning style.

Part 1: Effective empowerment and delegation survey
Complete the empowerment survey in chapter 8 of your textbook. This assessment instrument assesses your current skill in empowering and delegating–(u can just make up your own findings).

This survey consists of several questions from PAMS (Personal Assessment of Management). The results of this survey will assist you in designing your Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP).

Consider these questions when evaluating your results and planning your personal development plan:

On which aspects of the empowerment and delegation survey did you score very high or very low?  Why do these areas seem to stand out?

Are there elements on which others might view you very differently than you view yourself?

Which elements of empowerment and delegation do you think would be the most difficult to implement as a manager?

How do your scores on this instrument compare with those on the Gaining Power and Influence assessment survey?  Do you see a pattern that might suggest an underlying management philosophy?

Part 2: Personal Development Plan

Reflecting on your results and your personal experiences, develop the following:

document your own attributes and key development needs
identify appropriate goals (clear and quantifiable)
Include the following in your submission.

Your goals

Risks and obstacles you may face in meetings your goals
Resources and/or support you will require

Approach that you will take to achieve your goals (this may be via: Experience; Exposure; and/or Education)

Target dates.

Part 3: Alignment with theory and approaches

Justify the design of your development plan in terms of

Skills to be developed

Management theory

Educational / learning theory

Personal learning approaches

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