Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

Every person holds different values about what they do and requires different things to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their daily activities. For some, that might be creative expression, social interaction, power, fame or money. For others, it could be independence, helping others or intellectual challenge. Identifying what motivates people helps in planning a productive and fulfilling career and creating an enabling environment where they can thrive. However, I believe personal motivation to do daily activities depends on personal attitudes because it is not sufficient to look just at person’s attributes and skills in every career, rather, self-analysis should also factor in personal attitude, behavior and motivation in their daily lives. Undeniably, this has been my strong reflection of attitude, character, and motivation.

Fortunately, I always consider myself an optimist, I ensure to look at the positive light of things, which I believe will help me to succeed in what I do, even though I have to make an admission that working as a teacher entails a lot of patience and motivation. For one, not everyone can face up to the challenge of explaining same things year in year out. Most often your patience would wither and can wear out eventually, when you have to deal with children some of whom are less motivated to learn and take up school chores. Sometimes you will be yelled by an angry parent. Looking at this picture, it is crystal clear that one cannot remain in this profession in a long run. In my early years of teaching, I often thought of tendering my resignation letter.

I guess what keeps me doing what I do is my attitude. Besides being optimistic, I am also resilient and focused, and my daily activities make me want to improve and prove myself more. I must also admit that good relationship with colleagues and by seeing the fruits of my labor motivates me to perform all my responsibilities. On addition, it has been my experience that remaining motivated helps to display high performance, and stay energetic, determined and enthusiastic, and work with the colleagues to overcome daily challenges. On the contrary, lack of motivation leads to poor time keeping, absenteeism, grievances, apathy, personal unhappiness and lack of cooperation. This is the reason I believe one of the best ways in which I can remain motivated in what I do is by setting goals for myself and thinking about things that appeal to me and make me happy.

My first goal is to do what I am supposed to do in the right time and way and transform a life of another person. This was the main reason why I choose an educational career. In this job, one gets an opportunity to nature talents, transform life, equip people and make a positive contribution to the society. I am more excited when I have………………………

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