Personal Statement for a professional in Accounting

Personal Statement for a professional in Accounting

Assignment: find an accounting professional and interview him/her about their experiences at their job and the information you find let it assist you in writing a personal statement. Questions could include, among others:
1. Why did you decide to work for the company who are now working for?
2. Describe what you do in a typical day / week / month / year.
3. How many hours do you work in a typical day/week?
4. How many hours in a typical week – outside of the office (i.e., on your own time) – do you spend on firm related/career matters?
5. How does your job match with what your expectations were when you took the job?
6. Does your company value your contributions? What are their expectations of you today and (say) one year/five years from now.
7. In that regard, does your firm provide training/continuing education opportunities?
8. In a perfect world, do you see yourself working for this company in 5 years; why or why not?
9. Where did you go to college; what was your major? Do you believe your college experience prepared you for this job? If not, how could the school have done a better job preparing you?
10. What long-term “career” type benefits do you think this job provides for you; if you had it to do all over again, would you make the same choice(s)?

Prepare a 3-4 page summary, written in proper English with no typos (I hate typos).
(Prefer an accounting person at CA company, if not, it’s ok)

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