Peter Kaminsky – Culinary Intelligence’s chapter excerpt “My Occupational Hazard

Peter Kaminsky – Culinary Intelligence’s chapter excerpt “My Occupational Hazard

Question 1

Doherty (22) defines culinary intelligence as the practice of choosing food that is in line with an individual’s tastes, flavor and needs. Peter Kaminsky in his article my Occupational Hazard notes, culinary intelligence as the essence of having knowledge and the skills to choose food wisely. Culinary intelligence is a well thought out expression that seeks to present, wit and the skills that an individual should display while they are choosing a certain foods.

Question 2

Kaminsky (21) notes that eating should be pleasurable which is why people should focus on applying their intelligence on what they consume. He implies that in as far as we may see eating as a daily event that we do to survive, we should peg some fun and view it as an interesting experience.

Question 3

A paraphrase would be “We are in countries that have vast amounts of culture all with different types of food that are interesting to consume on various occasions. Therefore, whether we adopt the food of the local people or those from outside our sphere, despite the type of ingredients that are in these foods we should always endeavor to bring out fun.”

Kaminsky places emphasis on the reason why we should adopt food in appreciation of our diversities.

Question 4

Kaminsky must have thought of how people tend to focus eating without consideration of the whole experience. He must have thought of eating as an interesting experience that borrows much more onto the effort we put forth to its discovery.

Question 5

Yes, eating is compatible to taking great pleasures. As Kaminsky observes, people might want to avoid the fact food brings pleasure, but it is also a reflection of the moods that an individual highlights in their day-to-day activities.

Question 6

Kaminsky presents the view that if one chooses to diet or not to diet, they should always endeavor to find pleasure in the food. Finding fun should be their main objective and little consideration should be placed on the eating patterns that people.


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