Pharmaceutical sciences industry placement

Pharmaceutical sciences industry placement

Evidence Portfolio
Information at a glance
Length: 5 pages, plus any attachments
Due Date: October 14, 2016
How to submit: MyRMIT Assessment Tab or Medical Sciences Reception for hard copies.
Worth: 30% of ONPS2464 mark
What do I write about?
In first semester you were visited at the workplace and asked to provide evidence and examples of progress
toward the learning objectives of the course, and given guidance on how to focus your journal entries around
these learning objectives. Similarly, in this assignment you are asked to provide evidence of progress toward
the key capabilities of placement (see below).
For each of the capabilities, and on a separate page, using the proforma available on the MyRMIT website –
write about how you have utilized and developed this capability in your placement. Attach one or two
examples or pieces of evidence which demonstrate your skill in this capability.
1. Solving problems: Being critical, pre-empting problems, being creative and making decisions.
2. Management: managing yourself, your time, information, or others
3. Working: Independently, safely, as a team member, responsibly, ethically
4. Adaptable: To work/life pressures, to changing deadlines, priorities
5. Awareness: Discipline specific, resource, cultural, social, environmental
Marks Allocation
Marks are allocated according to the assessment rubric (overleaf).
Please note the penalties for late submissions.
Submission after the deadline but within 48 hours: Penalized 50% of maximum possible mark.
Submission 48 hours or greater after deadline: Not accepted. Deemed 0% mark
Evidence portfolios must have your workplace supervisor?s approval prior to submission as per your
Professional Practice Undertaking agreement to prevent disclosure of confidential material. It is your
responsibility to ensure your supervisor has sufficient time to approve your essay before the due date


In addition to integrating skills and knowledge gained from coursework to real world workplace activities, professional practice is designed to build certain capabilities expected for a graduate in the pharmaceutical sciences industry. In your evidence portfolio you will describe how your professional practice undertaking has built on these capabilities, and provide evidence to support your ability in these capability areas.


Each section in this portfolio will deal with a different capability area. In each section you should provide examples of placement activities which have developed this capability and attach evidence (emails, workplans, examples of work) which demonstrate your skill and expertise in the capability area. For example, to demonstrate management capability, you might attach a print out of your work calendar, demonstrating your ability at time management.


Your evidence portfolio is an important tool, not just for your placement, but for your continuing career. Often when sitting job interviews you will be asked to describe a time when you displayed the capabilities and attributes listed here. With an evidence portfolio in hand you will be able to list examples and show evidence without hesitation.


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