Pick an Issue In the society

Pick an Issue In the society

You need to pick an issue in society and tell me if it is having a positive effect on society, a negative effect on society, or both a positive and negative effect on society. Once you determine that then you choose the correct theory to write about on the first page (functionalist theory if your social issue is having a positive effect, conflict theory if your social issue is having a negative effect, and symbolic interaction theory if your social issue is having both a positive and a negative impact on society). The first page, explaining the theory you chose, should tell me what the theory says, who came up with the theory and the main points of the theory. The last two pages will tell me the positive, negative or positive and negative points of your social issue. The paper needs to be at least three pages long, be typed double-spaced in 12 point font. You need to have a least one source in your paper . Please let me know if you have any other questions.

sample paper

Global Warming

Global warming can best be described as a gradual change in the average temperature of the atmosphere of the earth and its surrounding water masses such as oceans and seas. The increasing rate of global warming is believed to have a permanent impact on the earth’s climate. Scientists and the media have often raised a number of concerns about the issue of global warming while trying to establish the factor that have contributed to its rise. Meteorologists have confirmed the existence of global warming by using their climate charts and data (Foster 78).

In most instances, the views of the society often hold different positions to those of scientists. While some people in the society believe that global warming does not affect climatic changes, scientists believe climatic changes relating to global warming have affected the mean temperature of the planet and which is believed to have risen from 0.4 to 0.8 °C over the last 100 years. This increase is attributed to the ever-rising volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse related gases. These gases are mostly released through the burning of the fossil fuels, clearing of land by cutting down the tree for agricultural and human-related activities. These activities are believed to be the major causes of the global warming that has taken place for the last 50 years (Foster 91)………………………………………… Kindly order to have this paper done

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