Politics in London Street Art

Street art has gained popularity in the recent times with the growth of people’s urge to express their concerns in the society through pictures and graffiti. The street art is usually satirical and uses graffiti to express humour while communicating specific social-political situations in a certain region. The art also is meant to communicated ideologies and emotions of the people towards certain vices in the society. Street art is exhibited through paintings and graffiti on major roads, street walls and bridges among other open surface areas across major cities and towns. Authorities view street graffiti as vandalism and against the law. Artists in preference of streets as their gallery mainly wish to communicate their ideas directly to the public other than selective audience in the formal art galleries. Although, there are a few formal streets arts such as statues and ancient sculptures, graffiti artwork and paintings have taken toll of the streets (Visconti, 2010).

Visconti et al (2010) street artwork gained popularity in the late 20th century due to technological growth and ability of artists to produce high quality artwork. This kind of artwork is observed by mainstream formal artists as vulgar and inconsistent with context of formal art. However, the street artists do not wish to change the context of art but rather to communicate to the society in a distinct language and platform. Usually, street art serves as a platform for the oppressed and the minority to express their sentiments to the public. Most street artists are political and social activists. For example, the works of Banksy a renowned street artist and later film director depicts satirical political epigrams. His works suggested social oppression of the poor and the minority by the ruling class. Street artworks have gained popularity due to mass public following. The major reason for reviewing the aspect of street art is due to its current massive escalation in major cities and towns across the world.

Politics in London Street Art

Political activism through street art is has become very prevalent in London. Although the artwork expresses a range of concerns, political satire is the main content in of London’s street artwork. The street art in London began in early 1990’s in the form of graffiti art. The art is dominated by witty images, colourful graphics as well as provocative graffiti pictures…”

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